Monday, August 21, 2017

Eclipse 2017 or as near as we got

I've been thinking about trying my hand at growing my own ginger, and today finally got a piece, and decided to plant it in honor of the eclipse.  Who knows, might be a good omen. 

So here it is waiting to be settled into a mix of coco fiber and organic potting soil.  This was originally one piece, with lively looking potential shoots. Shouldn't be too hard to remember when I planted it, so I didn't make any notes, other than this one.

 And I'm not sure if I should have waited till the break scabbed over, but oh well.

Then this afternoon, the local library made an event of the eclipse, and we had a traffic jam.  Seemed as if everyone outside of walking distance was trying to get there.  They distributed glasses, but I was too late to snag a pair.  Didn't matter. The crowd was friendly and people lent, so I still got a couple of glimpses.

Definitely good to get into a crowd for this, very cheerful happy people.  The chess players weren't deterred from their giant game. 

We're out of the main path, but it got as dark as twilight, and much cooler.  Interestingly, the people who had been in party mood all afternoon, fell silent at 2.48, our totality.  Birds, too.

 Then as the sun began to return, I left, and got home in time to hear the birds suddenly start up again, and see a monarch butterfly wake up and get moving among the neighbors' flowers.

Odd how reassuring it was when the sun came back, even though nowadays we know it will, most likely.


  1. Here it seemed like pretty much a non-event. I suppose, had we had the proper eye wear, we might have seen something but don't know if such things were even available here. Interesting to see it reviewed on tv though....there was some discussion about what ancient peoples must have thought of such things - they probably thought the world was ending.

  2. I enjoyed it too, although I was all alone. My husband wasn't interested and continued to do his mowing. Ha! What does he know, the world might have ended! Well at least our grass would have been cut :) I had the glasses, and used them mainly for my camera so I could get some photos.

  3. Good luck with your ginger! I grew some last year, and sometimes when I walked past the big planter where it was spending the summer by the stilt barn, I'd catch a little whiff of ginger. That was a surprise - didn't realize the root isn't the only part with a scent!


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