Monday, April 3, 2017

March April mailbag on its way, about time, too.

I made a mailbag selection today, and they will be on their way as soon as I walk out to the mailbox. Different group of people each month, and I meanly hid the people's names so as to gin up the overwhelming excitement of the event, till your personal Reveal!

A couple are nice artish cards, and the recipients might like to convert them into notebooks. My mind's on books at the moment. You just cut paper, any old paper will do if it's for writing on, the size of the opened card, trim to match, then stitch it with the pamphlet stitch, and you have a nice little book with a very appealing cover.  The video is useful starting at the end of the first minute.

You don't have to use all the tools this person does, and you can just eye up the places to put the needle through. But this is basically the stitch you need.  Sorry about the background music, I really think a lot of craft videos are tone deaf on the question of music, but anyway..start about one minute in and see how it goes.

You can use crochet cotton or any sturdy thread, doesn't have to be waxed linen unless you have some lying around. 

And you can also take a readymade card and convert it into a postcard, as I did with one of these, because I had a perfect recipient in mind for it. I wanted her to see it right away, not after opening an envelope. So there's that possibility, too.

I do spend time with my collection of cards and original art, to make a selection I think the person will like and go for. The cats play an active role in this, too.  I think it's such a change to get something in the mail that is mail.

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  1. How nice! Is there anything that makes us smile like a surprise package?


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