Friday, April 14, 2017

Happy Easter from the Dollivers

Complete with jeweled hats, dresses and showing the current egg collection, complete with this year's additions

The Easter Bunny is in there, too and the Easter Kitten for some reason.  Happy Weekend everyone, whether or not this is your celebration, and specially Brits who have a Bank Holiday in honor of the season.


  1. and to you as well, Boud.

    Mr. Bear just got a new snap brim straw hat, and is so proud of it I didnt dare take a photo, he just might explode with joy...but he admired the eggs and wondered why we didn't have some too. He said the Easter Bunny looked really nice. I didn't ask exactly what that meant, Im assuming it was a compliment.

    I hope you and the Dollivers have a wonderful easter...

  2. Happy Easter. love the D's Easter bonnets.

  3. Happy glorious Easter to you and the Dollivers too! Have to admire those colour co-ordinated Easter bonnets the D's are sporting.


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