Monday, April 17, 2017

Homespun slippers, simple supper

Easter not having been celebrated yet, no, not a religious alternative, just fitting in with Handsome Son's work schedule, yesterday was a very quiet sort of day, hot but windy and cloudy, weird stuff.

Anyway, I made a simple supper, and there's more soup in the freezer now.  Just boiled orzo, my favorite pasta life form, in chicken broth.  Then strained the orzo into a bowl, dressed the pasta in that carrot pesto I'm still using up, and had a cup of broth to go with.  The rest of the orzo went into the leftover broth, and is now freezing for future soup needs.  This was the sort of cooking you can do when you totally don't feel like cooking anything.

Then a salad of a gala apple and a banana, sliced, plain yogurt, almond slivers.  Done.  Small glass of red wine.

And I finished up a pair of slippers for myself, from my homespun and hand dyed yarn. They are incredibly cosy, merino and coopworth. 

And they look like ancient artifacts!  not surprising considering they were made using ancient methods.  But it cracks me up to see them. I can visualize a neatly printed museum card next to them in the glass case.  Early footwear from northern European tribe, primitive spun and dyed from native plants, intriguing use of color variation.

And now, enough of this fiddling about in blogland, have to cook Easter dinner soon.  Cornish game hen, with Thai basil and garlic, mixed veggies, baked potato. Handsome Son bringing cheese and crackers to start, Easter goodies to finish.  Pot of English tea, possible video, since it's raining, so planned walk not on.

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  1. It all sounds very civilized. Best Easter wishes to you both.


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