Sunday, April 10, 2016

Sunday Supper in Spring

Great day, chilly but bright sunshine, great lunch with Handsome Son, then trip to libe and found more Donna Leon detective novels, latest reading jag, great walk around park with people running jumping and standing still, kicking footballs and learning to ride tiny bikes.

Then home to Sunday supper in Spring, bowl of tomato, chickpea, red lentil soup, with hot biscuits, toasted, wholewheat with caraway seeds, spread with yogurt cheese, nice glass of Sangria.  Cheerful wine, not as heavy as a winter sort of red wine.  That's as technical as my wine talk gets.  

Piece of zucchini apple walnut bread for dessert. Lovely Vietnamese coffee.  Astute readers will note that this all bears a resemblance to the lunch menu, and you would be right up to a point.  It's selected leftovers.

So, perfetto!  reading Donna Leon, with bits of Eyetalian all over, her novels are set in Venice, you do pick up a word here and there..and a friend sent two chapters of her current novel not set in Venice, I think in Minnesota, to read,  great compliment, that, so that's next on the agenda.


  1. While you're in Italy, you might like to pop into "Four Seasons in Rome" with Anthony Doer.

  2. Thanks! Hold placed at libe.


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