Sunday, April 24, 2016

Field and Fen Briefly in the Kitchen

On the mend, more or less, cautiously eating a bite, and taking really short walks to remind my legs how to work, and today  I managed a little recipe for something I've been meaning to make for ages, usual story.

These are parmesan crisps, from Ina Garten, and since I happened to have a block of parmesan, about the right amount, and the thyme is all back in leaf, that and black pepper, kosher salt, and a tablespoon of ap flour was all that was needed.  I'm still as weak as a kitten, in fact a kitten could paw wrestle me and win at this point, so I had to rest a time or two in the grating of the cheese, but we got there.

Pretty simple, and as you see, the darker baking sheet made a crisper finish than the lighter one, but still all good.  I was able to take just a crumb to taste, not up to fat food yet, and can attest that they are good.  A little snack with wine, or in my case possibly to save in the freezer for a future teatime guest.  I like to offer something savory as well as a bit of cake.  I have a feeling that you need to make quite a few of these to have enough!

So that satisfied my inner cook.


  1. Very tasty. Hope you continue to feel better day by day.

  2. glad you're mending, Liz. Its just not the same without you bustling about the kitchen and the crafts. The crisps look wonderful, by the way...

  3. Sorry you're still a bit poorly, Liz, but glad you're on the mend even if more slowly than you'd like. I hope you'll be back to your usual tireless self soon!
    And those little treats look like something I would make and then eat, immediately and in their entirety. No restraint when it comes to delicious snackythings. It's a character flaw.
    But one I can line with!
    Take care of yourself.


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