Saturday, April 9, 2016

On Not Knowing Your Own Strength 6WS

This is not of those philosophical musings about endurance or dealing with the various blows of life.  It's about not realizing you're strong enough to bust a faucet handle into many parts just by trying to shut it.  See what remains on the stem? and the bits that cascaded down onto the tap?  there are probably other bits around which I haven't stepped on in bare feet yet.

All this artwork must be strengthening my upper body, dangerously so..or maybe it's mixing batches of bread and stirring big pots of soup. Or holding heavy books..

This is the same shower faucet that I went to all that trouble to fix a while back, taking two tries to get the right size handle.  Back to square one.  But I did have the forethought to save the little box the right faucet came in, with the item number on it. These items all look exactly the same, and it's only when you try to install them that you discover the stem and the socket don't match exactly, but you can't tell by looking, only by failing to get the one to seat in the other, since it's inside the deal.  And if they don't match up, you can't alter the temperature of the water.

So I have another faucet handle on order.  I can easily install it myself. And this is where it becomes a true first world problem, since I can just use my other bathroom until the new handle arrives.  

Meanwhile back at the pots of soup, today's soup is tomato, chickpea and red lentil, with a shake of fennel seeds in it, and a dash of wine sauce left over from herring a while back and frozen awaiting a use.  

Then tomorrow I'm feeding Handsome Son, aside from the soup, with hot biscuits with a dash of caraway seeds in them, crisp breaded baked fish and oven roasted french fries. Posh way of saying fish and chips.  Plum cake for dessert, yes it's still going.  It's like trying to eat a tennis court..

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