Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Gasman Cometh and Duncan watcheth

I've been having a little drama with the power company over a misreading of my meter, to wit, in May the reader entered it on my account with 100 therms too many, which is so far beyond my monthly usage as to be impossible, and I reread the meter, submitted my reading and they agreed to accept it.  Then they sent an assessed reading for June, nearer my usage but still 100 therms too many.

Then they sent a letter saying the meter was not registering correctly (!) and they would replace it.  I expect someone had finally looked at my billing history and found that about ten therms total is more like my monthly usage.  Fine by me, since the replacement is the kind you can scan, no hoping the meter reader man would read it correctly then battling when he doesn't. Same mistake same month last year.  Translation: our meter reader is a glackity guy who is not registering correctly.

So a very nice man arrived, hours ahead of schedule, luckily I was home anyway, and in no time at all removed the old ugly meter, replaced it with a fetching modern one with a dial you can see by digits, scannable, and read the old one for me, confirming that I had my numbers right.  And checked to be sure all the appliances were back in working order. Yay.  And then painted the whole thing to match the surrounds.

Of course Duncan watched the whole thing closely to make sure he did a good job.  I expect he'll inspect the next bill, too, to see what they did for me there.


  1. Isn't it wonderful when people know how to fix a problem and then fix it correctly? J in Cowtown

  2. I'm totally surprised that the D's weren't right there watching - after all there was a handsome male just outside the door. I would have thought they would have donned their best finery and did their best come-thither on him, all accompanied by Elton of course. They missed a chance!!

  3. Glad to hear that the problem is being solved. Mistaken readings cause such havoc to a bill! Duncan is on the case!


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