Saturday, July 11, 2015

From wwweaving to the ww web 6WS

I suddenly thought it would be good to learn to make videos and upload them, and to see if the equipment I have could do it, so I spent part of very late last night, in the throes of an allergic eye attack, and needing some distraction, finding my old digi camera and remembering it had a movie function.  

Also testing to see how to use the camera on my laptop.  This only makes a talking-head kind of thing, not interesting to the viewer unless you're selling something. 

Your humble writer cracking up at her own image on the computer cam.  Picture taken with tablet seen there, sent to email, uploaded to thumbdrive, downloaded to here.  Quite a hike. The artwork in the background was exhibited a couple of years ago, and now occupies this guest room.

In order to save the talking head thing I did, very dull stuff, I had to do all kinds of obstacle jumping, which I did in case I ever want to save anything.  Haven't managed to save anything, but I have the function set up.  I think.
Maybe if I want to hold items up to show them to the camera, needing both hands free, that camera would be useful.  But for the moment the digi camera was the choice.

And I made two tiny videos panning around the bedroom (I used to work in tv, not as a producer, but related to them, so moving a camera isn't such a mystery), and with sound.  Also got my toes in the frame by accident, and recorded a burbling sound,talking to myself,  such snappy dialog as oh, I wonder if this will work, oops got my toes. And so on.

And this morning to my astonishment, was able to upload them. It takes a long time to upload video, but it got there. And I could open and watch them and admire my toes.

 But there they stick until I figure out how to get them to transfer to my blog, which my system doesn't want to do, even with QuickTime enabled. In fact the photo software crashed, but never mind, I'm much further on than I was last night, when I was musing with Handsome Son about the need to at least try out video.

I'd like to have a bit of moompitcha about my garden, that kind of thing, the Preserve, the Island.  Anyway, maybe that will come to pass. And maybe I'll just have a lovely personal collection on my computer that won't agree to go anywhere!

Considering the great age of the camera and the operator, I'm very impressed about how far I came.  Particularly since yesterday morning I had the cook's own job just getting my computer to work at all, many crashes, many reuploads and reinstalls later it seems to be back in good operation.  After the struggles with the weaving, I had a titanic struggle getting the blogpost posted.

I think I'll do a bit of cardweaving, just to come back to tactile work.  And to earth!

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  1. I am looking forward to seeing you make the leap into video!


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