Friday, July 17, 2015

Locavoriana, hot meal in midsummer

About this time of year I get so tired of cool food, and summer dishes and all that magaziney deal, and I long for a hot dinner. So today, since the temps are moderate and the humidity likewise, I did a lovely veggie and sausage bake, celebrating the farmshare and the local farmers' market.

Chicken sausage flavored with tarragon and other spices, from the Griggstown Farm people at the local farm market, expensive and totally worth it.  You can really skin these sausage, made by them, and make them into meatballs or patties or whatever you like.  Or, as here, into little chunks put into the baking dish with your veggies to flavor everything.

Zucchini from the farm, mad hot onion tops from the farm,cilantro bought locally, mushrooms remaining from Kennet Square splurge at the farmers' market, and frozen for such a use as today.  Big sprigs of sage from my patio laid on top to be removed at the end.  Hot red peppers from local store, not sure where they grew, but not far, I think.

And when I served this seriously hot and spicy dish, some mashed potatoes were the calming principle of the plate.  

Three dinners from this one cooking.

For my Bite Club, I tried a few dishes from Deborah Madison, the cookbook current pick, including a fig and ginger jam and they'll be lucky if there's any left to share by then.  And salted boiled potatoes: redskins boiled with a TON of salt, then drained, and they are wonderful with no further ado.  Also yellow squash sauteed with a handful of herbs, not a recipe, really, more of a procedure.  None of these is very picturesque, hence no pix.

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  1. That sausage and vegetable bake sounds pretty darned great! :)


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