Saturday, March 16, 2013

This Means War! aka it's all about suet

The local squirrels and I have had a sparring relationship for years now, they determined to ravage all my attempts to feed local birds and encourage them to nest on the patio, and I trying all means known to deter them. The suet feeder is the current source of disagreement. I put out a block of suet and seed in the hanging thing, which snaps firmly shut.

At first they just ate from it like everyone else, then one day they figured out to to snap it open and let the suet fall down, and eat it there. Then they realized that this meant sharing with the birds, so they hauled the suet off to some hiding place, leaving the birds wandering around rustling in the leaves and looking for their suet treat, and wondering what had happened to the service at this restaurant. So I tied the hanger shut. And they learned to bite through any string or rope and open it etc.

 Then I wound paperclips around the locks and they learned to unwind them etc. then I wrapped a string artwork which was over with its hanging life, and soaked it in peppermint oil, hated by squirrels. They stayed away one whole day. Then they came back and bit and tore the string work off and made off with the suet.

Up to now it's Squirrels 4 Boud 0. So now I've put snap rings around the locks and we'll see if the squirrels hire a parrot or someone to snap them open....for now it's one day and the birds are still able to get their suet. We shall see.


  1. Clever B's those little guys.
    I gave up after they ate two squirrel proof bird hangers.

  2. I wish you luck - the only thing that's worked for us (for the moment anyway) is for the downstairs neighbour to start feeding the birds on an old cookie sheet. The 'pickings' are easier to get there, plus they don't have to climb up to the third floor (up a brick wall which, btw, they can do with ease). We've also invested in a solid metal and glass bird feeder, with a baffle on the top. The feeder also closes up if anything that weighs over a certain amount tries to use it. The squirrels have figured out that balancing on the top of the feeder meant they could reach down and get the seed without tripping the closure. They haven't quite managed (yet!) to negotiate the baffle AND the upside down trick.

  3. Boud, I can't stop laughing. I admire your determination and creativity--have you considered having TWO suet feeders? One There for the squirrels, and one Here, for the birds. Here and There to be determined by the birds and squirrels...

  4. How hilarious (not for you). Cheeky, clever little monkeys, or squirrels in this case. Can't wait to hear/see what they do now. Thank you for keeping us entertained.

  5. Too funny - but too annoying, also. We had that problem at the farm but I wouldn't want to tread on anyone's tender feelings as to how we dealt with the problem!


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