Monday, March 11, 2013

ou sont les livres d'antan....plaintive misquotation from Villon

Which really refers to the snows, not the books, of yesteryear.  In this case, a little expedition to the Cranbury Bookworm, for decades a destination of choice on wintry afternoon weekends, or warm weather before walking around the village, or any old excuse really, came to a skidding halt.

Turns out that after all these years, the building is to be sold, the owner wanting to retire, and the business has had to move down the street to tiny quarters, no resemblance to the huge and interesting building it used to house.  Still in moving progress, in both senses.

This was the scene, the Dollivers point out, of their very first photo shoot, and of many happy hours spent among old books, long ago when the building had an open staircase to the furnace, you could huddle in the warmth and read their magazines, in ancient comfy armchairs.  And there were two floors and a porch, all jammed with interesting items, artwork up the stairwell walls, and a general sense that anything might turn up.  And the modern day issues of the recession, small business woes, the introduction of the accursed ereader, and buying and selling via internet, all of today's reality, for better or worse, and this is for me, anyway, a sad result.  Oh well.  I did promise to go back to the new location
This is now, and the following were then:  
March of time, not sure if it's progress.  But then I wasn't ready to wave the old Bookworm, with its great parking, goodbye. But it occurs to me that the photshoot was of the only two Dollivers in existence at that time, three years maybe there's progress, if multiplying Dollivers can count as progress.


annie1931 said...

Catching up with you again! So sad when bookstores disappear, or move to some place not nearly as comfy. We have no old bookstores nearby - and I've not been to my favourite one in Toronto for years. It's right in the heart of downtown, and has creaky stairs and floors. Maybe one of these days when a surge of energy flows!

Anonymous said...

How sad, and how so much a sign of the times. This so illustrates the fact that what we have and enjoy is transient, must enjoy while we can because we never know what tomorrow will bring.

A while back when Google Streetview came into being I googled the little place where I grew up, but gone was the village center. In its place a few cheap stores, nothing like the hub of activity and life it once was. The buildings were smaller, too, a reminder of how I remembered them from a child's perspective.

I hope you find something to like about the new place, though it will take some effort. J in Cowtown

Magpie's Mumblings said...

How sad, and yet how common it is these days for the wonderful shops that we treasure for their quirkiness are falling by the wayside.

dogonart said...

I'm sending comments, but nothing seems to be getting through. This is by way of being a test.

dogonart said...

It looks as though my test went through. So anyway, I was just sypathizing with your loss and wanted to share a smile with you. I have my toe in ereaders. My most recent download was on "hold" so I ordered the physical book which was available immediately. Neena Neena, ereaders.

Minimiss said...

What a beautiful old building. I like the feel of a real book in my hands. I think an e-reader would seem too much like work to me. Hopefully whatever the old premises become will be somewhere that you will want and be able to frequent.