Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Equinox is knocking!

The daffodils are struggling to get through the ice and bitter winds and sleet to greet what is, officially anyway, Spring.  Happy Spring all.

Meanwhile back on the patio, I'm just's now Squirrels 4, Boud ONE ONE I tell you!  they have tried mightily with teeth and all four paws to wrench open the suet holder, with zero success. And as of today, a nuthatch and a couple of chickadees have been happily chowing down.

And it might be that a couple of mourning doves, who have been scouting out the plant hanger I put out in the hope of attracting a nest, might just move in.  I've seen them testing it out, sitting in it, flying in and out, and yesterday the male was out tugging out bits of grass, looks like a housing start it on its way.  I hope so.  They're wonderful neighbors, very calm. Even their babies are calm and will let you climb up and look without panicking.  We'll see.


  1. Lovely to see your green daffodils and congrats on progress vs The Squirrels!

    Happy Equinox - it's hard to say "spring" when there's over a foot of snow on the ground here in Wisconsin :-)


  2. Well done Boud! How long before they learn how to use bolt cutters do you think?

  3. Nice to see your Spring pushing through. It wouldn't surprise me if the squirrels turned up power tools in paw to have another go.

  4. 4-1 with squirrels? I think you're doing well!! They are the smartest little critters and even getting one small victory against them is an accomplishment.

  5. Lovely spring flowers. Always good to see that you are out and about. Good job on outsmarting the squirrels.


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