Friday, February 19, 2010

Scenes for painters coming up, aka This One's for You, Maureen!

Artist friend Maureen recently asked if I would mind her using some of my landscape pix, printed out from this blog, as raw material for paintings, and I said that would be fine, and thank you so much for asking first. Can't tell you how many people have swiped my work as a screensaver or to copy from, and been quite miffed when I pointed out that they need to ask first, since it's my property! that's not always fully understood.

I usually explain that if they admired my car, that doesn't give them the right to drive off in it! I might lend it to them if they ask, heck, I might even give it to them, but it's still my property.

Artist Maureen of course fully knows about copyright, and all of that, and I was happy to agree.

So it occurred to me while I was out walking today, wonderful late winter day, cold but not bitter, bright blue sky with little clouds scudding across, windy but the birds still out and getting active and starting their spring songs because of the lengthening daylight, anyway, it occurred to me that I could post pix in here specifically for people who might like to swipe and paint from them, or carve sumpin, or knit from them, or whatever.

So feel free to do so, and let us all know if you made something wonderful based on any of them!


  1. Stunning pics as always Liz. I especially like the tree shadows on the snow. I meant to say yesterday how nice your finished tapestry looks - well done. Sorry I won't be much help with a name though. I'm not too good in that department. I'm going to have trouble enough coming up with something to put in your journal.


  2. I love the shadow of the tree on the snow! Not too crazy about the snow itself though. We're to get more tomorrow. :-(


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