Saturday, February 20, 2010

Pix for Painters Part the Second

Just for your continuing viewing delight, or use as screensaver or raw material for painting, printmaking, carving, knitting, weaving etc., here are a few nice pix from today's walks.

Winter sun over the sunflower field in Cranbury, growing snow and ice right now.

Cropped picture of the field, sun sliding down the sky.

Plainsboro Pond seen through the gazebo

Winter sun reflected in the pond.

Another time I'll tell you about my incredible haul via Freecycle today!


  1. sign of the round robin journal...hope it has not been lost on the way...poor Robin, walking, walking to Canada...can't afford to fly?
    PS Love your landscapes.

  2. Gentle reminder went out to Diane this evening.

  3. Gentle reminder received - robin will be walking away this weekend. ;-)


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