Thursday, October 8, 2009

Knitting news and design ideas

News from the knitting front, where work has been fast, if not furious.

The lacy scarf you saw a while back is now finished, blocked, and presented to its new owner who was suitably amazed and happy with it. Then another scarf, designed and knitted and blocked and presented to its new owner, no picture here since that would have spoiled the surprise for its new wearer, who reads in here! maybe she'll get someone to email me a picture of her wearing it???? for showing you. Well, maybe. This was designed for dogwalking in the winter purposes, since experience tells me that it really helps get out there on winter nights with the dog if you have a lovely warm scarf to wrap around your neck against the icy winds.

And a pair of slippers happened yesterday, for HP, who loves them, knitted from a pattern and yarn both supplied by F. many thanks to her. He loves the colors. Pictured here wearing them today.

They act as padding to protect his feet from the hard footrests on his chair. And they're about two hours work, tops.

And then, what should I espy on my walk, but a wonderful design idea in the form of a fungus whose name is unknown to me, growing near beech trees at the edge of the golf course. It's about the size of a large dinner plate.

Doesn't that make you want to do something about it? wonderful natural design which just makes you want to draw or paint or do tapestry or knit it or something.

The tapestry is coming along but it's so slow that if I pictured it today you're liable to think it's the same picture as last you will have to curb your wild impatience until there's more to see. I can't wait to get to part two of this three part work, ready for different colors now.

Art-making afternoon today, with friend M., the lender of the beach house, who was very unwell for quite a while, but who is now doing really well, huge phew here, and getting out and about, and able to be over here and visit and feel just fine as we painted and drew and drank tea and ate the cookies she brought and the ones I'd done, which as it happened were about the same, funny that we both suddenly did oatmeal cookies. She also admired the New Floor and I didn't charge her anything for walking on it.

Since this was basically ice breaker art, neither of us for different reasons having done any painting or drawing for months, I just set up a simple dried flower arrangement thing that I had kept hidden upstairs away from the cats, who love to eat that stuff.

These are dried flowers selected from various bouquets HS has given me over the years, birthday, Mother's Day, that kind of thing and far too good for any cats to go and eat. So I guarded it carefully while it was modeling for us.

M. and I used to go to a drawing group on Sundays, with life models, and had a great time, but neither of us, she because of energy levels, me because of inability to get out all Sunday afternoon, has been able to sign up this session.

So we're making our own group of two! to meet and paint and draw whatever we feel like, and next time she will host. Which is good, since she has more room, but it was nice here anyway.

So that's us. Just a good Thursday. Chop wood, carry water, be glad.

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  1. I'm glad. Never mind yesterday, it's gone. We all had those slippers years ago, knitted by a sister-in-law! They're great for sliding across a floor, too - we used the hallway when the girls were small.


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