Friday, October 23, 2009

A huge miniature offer for your delight

Folks and blogistas, as you may know I used to be a serious miniature maker, specializing in miniature needlework, and showing at nationally juried miniature shows. Work appeared in some national magazines, too, and I used to run a Minipoint Club, which was a subscription deal where I designed and kitted and shipped a different miniature each month, went on for years sending them all over the world, till I got all tuckered out.

I used to accept commissions for miniature rugs, too, and will never forget the summer I had orders for three Victorian rugs, roses on a black background, and wondered if my eyes would ever recover. I'm a pretty fast stitcher, but each square inch of actual stitching, not counting the design and color balancing and all that, takes at least an hour. All those hours of stitching black, ow! but they were well received.

All these works are one inch to the foot in scale, which is the classic dollhouse scale. And they are not toys -- they're artworks on a small scale. The buyers were serious adults who love the miniature artforms.

Anyway, that was a long time back, and I just turned up a little trove of rugs and pillows and raw material not yet made into pillows, all stitched by me, most designed by me, too, some traditional designs, some in wool, some in embroidery floss, and had a sudden thought.

Why not offer these, one per customer (well, more if it's pillows, they're better in groups of two or three) to my online friends? So I took some pictures of the entire trove I found, once these are gone, they're gone! with a ruler in place to show the scale, and wonder if you would like to either post in here email with your specific request and the address to send it to? please don't ask on behalf of a friend -- I'd like direct communication.

You'll note that there are a couple of pieces of embroidery not mounted as pillows, in case you fancy your hand at creating a pillow using this work as a pillow top -- use a wisp of batting to stuff, and some fine material for the backing, stitch around like a regular pillow.

I used to sell these at a pretty price, but those days are over, really, and though I'm not asking for $$$ (unless you'd like to send a few $$ to your local animal rescue group?) but I am asking some things of you.

One is that you frame the piece if it's a rug, or place it in some kind of vignette if it's pillows, so that it is displayed and enjoyed. The second is that somewhere on the frame or vignette box you show my name as the creator of the piece. Okay, that's it for requirements! Oh no, there's another: please send me a picture of it in its new home, with permission to show it in here if I would like to. Okay, NOW that's it for stringent requirements...

One of my lifelong small missions is to see that good needlework gets its due, so if you accept a piece and display it, you will be a part of that mission, and I thank you.

I've tried to take pix, though my camera is not in a good mood today, that will help you identify the rug, not by location, they are now back in their bags and away, but by color and background, that sort of thing. Step up, they need a loving new home!


  1. This is odd. My own comment posted, then vanished! oh well, I was just saying that in no time at all, the Pa. dutch blue and white and the Elizabethan Tudor rose have been spoken for, and will go to nice new homes, much better than sitting in my studio.

    Signed: Hapless Blogger who can't even get her own comments to register.

  2. I would be delighted with either of the two Persian style rugs ... really no preference.

  3. gorgeous, Liz! thank you for the generous offer. if available, i love the contemporary blue/plum concentric squares...lower left of bottom photo.


  4. Liz! What lovely work, and such a generous offer. May I request one of the small pillows, I really like the red ones. My favourite is the
    red pillow with the graduated white frames surrounding the small red squre in the middle. But I like the snowflake too, and the red one with the tiny pink & white squares.

    thank you so much

  5. Ooh, the blue rug on the middle right hand side of the first picture is calling my name - is it still available?

  6. How big are the smallest pillows? BJ and Liz each have font trays on their walls with miniature doo dads in the sections. Would two little pillows fit on a shelf 1" deep and maybe 3" wide and possibly 2" high. I'd love two for each girl's tray if that wouldn't be asking too many. It doesn't sound like three would fit - BJ has tiny teacups that might sit between. The colour is immaterial (that's almost a pun, isn't it).


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