Tuesday, October 27, 2009

First Hallowe'en party

As a confirmed Hallowe'en Hater, can't stand the ghoulishness, and how a serious religious day has been turned into a carnival, don't get me started....anyway, once in a while even this curmudgeon can be charmed.

And I was, yesterday, at the H. party given by a neighbor for her three year old and his friends. The moms had set up a little toy house under the trees, like a scene, and hung treat bags about a foot off the ground, so three year olds could see and reach.

And then a little parade past our fence, and they got to seek. They did have a bit of trouble fathoming what they were supposed to do, and needed some broad hints from moms, but they had a good time.

For my money, the twin Dalmatians were just the ultimate in cutitude, closely followed by the others! the pix are the result of quite a few efforts, since the kids were moving at a high speed, out of camera range all the time, and by the time I'd got a focus, the partygoer had moved before the shutter finished clicking. They weren't posing, didn't ask them to, just playing.

Great fun, and the moms agreed that pix were fine, since I needed to show off their handsome young!


  1. Cute pics Liz.

    Was just saying today that I bet hardly any kid in NZ, or their parents, had the foggiest idea of what Halloween is really about - all driven by commerce these days. My bosses at work, much the same age as me, didn't know the origins. In fact, I'm not 100% sure, but am aware it is to do with religion - comes from a Catholic schooling no doubt. Must go and Google it to get it straight in my head. Unfortunately Christmas has largely gone the same way. Very sad. Will hand the soap box back to you now.

    I still enjoyed the post though.


  2. That is so cute!

    The kids here are going to have to wear snowsuits on Halloween. Quite something to see a bit of green grass!

  3. For many years G. and I always went to dinner on Halloween with my friend, L. She was a single mom and her daughter always went trick-or-treating with Dad. L said it was the only night of the year she could have an adult dinner. About the third year we showed up at the appointed hour in Raggedy Ann & Andy costumes.

    G.was the most dignified man in the world and it took me a long time to talk him into this, but it was worth it to see L. collapse on the floor with laughter.

    (And I do totally agree with you on the commercialization of everything!!!)


  4. From 1959 to 1967 I lived on a street almost completely inhabited by families with one to six children. Hallow E'en was a marvellous time for all. We just stayed on our one short street, zigzagging back and forth from one end to the other. The kids all knew each other and really enjoyed going in their 'pack' to each house. Each year one family or another would host the post tricking little party, the childen totally familiar with whoseever home it was. Best time of my time with the children. (Whoseever?)


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