Friday, April 3, 2009

Views from inside

The jury's still out on HP's progress, ranging from possible need for longer term care, to unlikelihood of walking, involving learning wheelchair skills. Big setback yesterday when he seized and scared everyone, but recovered fairly fast, slept away the day.

Another week before they start thinking about definite plans, so I have to learn how to enjoy the next few days with no way of knowing what comes next. So what else is new, I guess.

Meanwhile, back at the rehab, here are a couple of the views Andy has from his bed. He can't quite see the kids' playground but enjoys knowing it's there. He can however see all the cards friends have sent, and the orchid from home which now has four blossoms, and the container of branches I brought in for forcing in water now to put out blossoms - wild cherry, dogwood and one I can't identify which is making white flowers, and the magnolia tree out on the grounds. And a lovely view of sky, which today, with storms coming and going was very exciting, very Constable! if you know your English painting.

With all of which we have to be content for now. and the current comfort reading is a Miss Read book, "Over the Gate." Any Miss Read book is good.


  1. Oh! for the idyllic world of Miss Read. Until that happens, best wishes and thoughts for you both (and Mike).

  2. Yes, Fairacre is a nice place to go when things are stressful.

  3. Both of you are in my thoughts and prayers. You are such an inspiration at "The Pod" group on Ravelry. I really love your piece and enjoyed reading your bio. Thanks for sharing your talents with The Milkweed Project.

    I hope spring brings much healing to your home.


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