Friday, April 24, 2009

HP home where he belongs!

HP made it home Wednesday afternoon, delighted to be here and see his cats and the house -- he's a ground floor resident now,complete with hospital bed, Hoyer lift, special wheelchair, etc., but he's so happy to be back eating at his own table, his home food, his view of the flowers on the patio.

I'm organizing various people to come to the house, and have found a wonderful home visit doctor who spent FOUR hours yesterday with us doing all the preliminaries, giving good management tips, ordering more equipment she thinks we need, setting up nursing care (again, they had lost her first orders, gah), and what with the phone going constantly with the nursing people and the heart people and the pacemaker people and the home care people and the physical therapy people and on and on, not to mention the learning curve for both of us,this has been hectic. I was thinking that things would be more peaceful at home, hah.

So to celebrate his return home, I'm showing you a few pix taken yesterday in the living room, complete with Marigold the cat who is thrilled to have him back to sit on. And I'm adding in a pic, a white ink drawing on black Arches paper, of Andy napping with Duncan the cat, currently in the exhibit I have in Plainsboro Library Gallery, my last solo there before the new Library complete with brand new dedicated gallery, opens in the next few months.


  1. Wonderful photos, Liz! So good to see HP at home and clearly enjoying more of the serene (minus the phone!)and familiar and loving parts of life. Welcome home!!


  2. That is wonderful. I had misplaced my link to your blog, so have missed several entries. I am delighted he's home and that you and Duncan can enjoy his presence!

  3. Oh, HP does indeed look so happy to be home! What a welcome party ... :-) Wonderful drawing!


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