Saturday, November 22, 2008

Learning how to publish and get the info where I need it to appear....meanwhile, in learning mode, the top pic is of African AIDS Comfort Dolls, a few of the many I've knitted to send to ICROSS for gifts to small AIDS orphans in clinics in Africa. Several times a year Billy Wilbond travels to Africa with donations of vaccines, equipment and other materials for the hospitals, using the little dolls (about six inches tall) as packing material! great idea.

Then there's a picture of the mourning dove with her two babies, nesting on my front porch in a planter. she was very calm throughout, letting me take pictures right up until the babies left home. I sent the series to our township summer program, for their visiting ornithologist to share with the kids. Many neighbors came to visit these bird neighbors.

And there's the shot of my front tiny yard crammed with stuff! I gave a lot of divisions of daylilies to a nice lady from Trenton who was beautifying city streets with them. She was very happy to cart them away.

So there's my opening salvo!

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