Saturday, September 17, 2016

Plainsboro Festival of the Arts 2016

Perfect day for the annual Festival of the Arts, weather in mid 70s, sunny, little breeze, crowds of cheerful people milling about the Library and the plaza outside.

Art of all kinds, from stitching, with the Princeton Embroiderers' Guild, my buds, have to give them a shoutout

young stitcher's completed project

to paper weaving  which looked before the crowds arrived like the first picture, and you see what happens once young artists get to work

 to the Earthloom

 Young weaver writing out the wish she will weave onto the loom,
 to found object sculpture

 to Chinese brush painting 

and wood burning 

to Indian arts including mehndi

 to mandalas

to an installation of cows!  

Elsie the Cow being an important historical figure in this town, home of Walker Gordon Farms and the Rotolactor, once the main employer in the town. 

And music, food, hula hoops, all ages, and now and then a friendly sleepy dog! 

And your blogwriter, after five hours of happy teaching of paper weaving, meeting and greeting friends, taking pix of great art all over the plaza and indoors, certainly understood how that dog felt!

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  1. Thanks for the comprehensive tour, I double checked in case you had curled up beside the dog !


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