Saturday, February 23, 2013

Two certainties in life: Dollivers and taxes

That time again, and my federal and state taxes are done, all filled in, in ink, and waiting only for me to organize the money to send to them again.  I don't so much mind owing at the end of the tax season, since it means I didn't give a free loan of my money to the feds for them to graciously return it to me without interest. I've had the use of it, and now it's going to be theirs.

The Ds of course, not sure of my abilities in this area, insisted on checking all the instructions and wielding their mighty pen.  They  thought you wrote in and asked for money and nice people in Washington would say oh? how much? okay, your check's in the mail. I explained that it's actually the other way around.

I don't mind doing this stuff, have done my own taxes, and Handsome Partner's, too, in recent years, for many years, with all sorts of complications, including the NJ Inheritance Taxes,  the Homestead Rebate, the Senior Freeze, which leave the feds standing for complication, since they count income differently, have different exemptions, and well, it's a challenge.  Never one to run away from a challenge, me. I'm not too thrilled at the young neighbors kindly offering to do them for me, good as their hearts are, because this is an annual thing to just do, in order to feel you're part of the place, so to speak.

One of these fine days, when my brain cells start to age out, I'll get Handsome Son roped in, but for now, I'm fine managing my taxes and other inevitabilities.


  1. I just said to someone else today that there are 2 certainties in life, one being taxes. We won't mention the other one. Good girl for doing what must be done.

  2. I am deeply impressed, Boud, that you are brave enough to actually tackle all that complicated business! We started using a tax guy after my mother died and it all got just a bit more complex that either of us liked. I admire your take-charge attitude in all of this.
    And of course the younger folk do tend to see us as slightly dim and flickering like an old lightbulb in a bad socket, don't they. But as you say, they mean well...

  3. I absolutely hate anything to do with filing tax returns and resolved many years ago to dump the whole exercise onto one of the companies versed in that sort of thing and let them have at it. My input into the whole enterprise is to semi-organize all the 'bits' and to cough up the $ to have it done.


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