Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Roving reporter, fleece and flamingoes

Here to report that it's Fleece Week around here!

The Fleece is in! and the cotton roving....both fell into my arms today within a short period of each other, the fleece as promised from the relative of the person with the little flock he's very attached to, won't eat the lambs (!) and the cotton roving from the library director and close friend, who got it for a summer program last year, used as much as they needed and is passing on the rest to a deserving cause, me. Hoping here that roving won't be my ru-i-in, fair maid!

P., the fleece donor, heroically not only went through various hoops to get hold of the bagful (she has more in her garage, but mercifully let me try the one before going any further...) but delivered it in person, what a friend.

She was on her way to a craft guild meeting to which I can't get any more, so took my thanks and greetings to other friends when she left. She's a knitting designer and all around major talent in the yarn and fiber art world, so this was really a big deal to have this delivered.

So now I have to find out what you do with a fleece recently off its owner, complete with straw and various other inclusions. It feels wonderful -- full of lanolin, you can smell and feel it on your hands. Other odors don't matter to this country woman, it's all good! and the summer on the patio looks like the right venue for this adventure in washing and carding and whatever elseing.

And the cotton roving, I just happened to stop by the libe in a mad rush with a little addition to their games stash, and friend J. said, ah, I must have conjured you up with the power of my thought! just thinking who would like this box of cotton roving, cotton all ginned and prepared into roving ready to spin, except that spinning it might be a bit of a heartbreaker, it being very very short staple.

But I can see it taking part in some fiber art wallhangings I have in my mind right now....woven or used as is, who knows, it's beautiful, a blonde color. As is the fleece, lovely natural soft colors, maybe dyeing might happen, too.

and then yesterday, just to show the universe has finally got back on its axis around here, I saw wonderful accidental art on the floor at the post office: tinfoil tiny flamingoes on the floor. Photographed exactly as is, no rearrangement necessary. This was an omen!

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  1. It will be fun to see those as they develop into finished products. Happy spinning!


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