Sunday, June 14, 2009

Free range knitting and weaving and blogging

Yarn adventures continue! a friend sent me some lovely totally wild in every sense, yarn, the hairy kind, very slippery, wild colors, totally with a life of its own. I knitted it up right away into what was cast on as a scarf, but once off the needles, turned into a wild animal, maybe a stole, maybe a headwrap, maybe a scarf, depending on how you hold it, very gymnastic piece of work. I wrestled it to the wall and took pix, of which a couple caught it before it flew off the about feedback.

And the friend whose spinning wheel I'm learning on is threatening me with a little loom, too, passed from artist to artist and I will accept a long term loan out of artist solidarity! but she reminded me of the weaving I did a couple of summers ago, you know how summer calls for a project of some new kind that accommodates hot weather and humidity.

I used a wonderful book, now almost unobtainable, named something like Weaving without a Loom, and created several cardboard looms of my own and learned a ton about weaving.

The bag in the picture, which used self striping sock yarn, all I had available at the time, is a circular weave, no seams, which used the front and the back of the cardboard, great fun. And the strap was created on weaving sticks, another discovery for me, which I bought from nice people with a home based biz in the low tech weaving tool area. If I can track down their name, I'll give them a free plug, because I like them, but for now, can't remember.

I wove several useful items, including a key holder, and a little purse for my cellphone, etc. And I've now found that this current bag, which has seen some use as a bag, is the EXACT size to fit my new little netbook, very cool, high tech meets low. Ever since the weaving adventures, I've been unable to throw away any small stout piece of cardboard just in case it has loom potential.

And the little nature pic, can never resist a nature pic, is dogwood blossoms in the grass, very Natalie Wood, seen in the park.

About blogging: several friends who read this blog have got interested in the idea of having one, and asked about it. Well, as people who really know me know, I'm the least computer savvy person, but blogging on this site is actually not hard at all, and a ton of fun. And they're not paying me to say this!

All you need do is look at the opening screen, top right hand corner and you'll probably see a place where you can click to Create Blog. Then follow their very simple instructions. That's IT. My own blog is simple, as you see, since I'm not making money from ads, nor am I very interested in fancy presentations, since what I'm saying is what I want to convey, for better or worse. But you can get very fancy indeed if you want to and like working on it.

One thing I would suggest: when you get to the Add Widgets part, add in the Follow This Blog widget, then I can click on it and be notified of your entries as they come, and you'll know I'm following your words, too, always a nice point. I'm very loyal to friends who start blogs, so count on me as your early adopter if you do open one, but be sure and email me with the information on how to find it!

See what happens when you read in here? you're in trouble before you know it..

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  1. But it's an entertaining and fun sort of trouble that I can handle, Liz! ;-)

    I love your gymnastic works ... Olympic material for sure!

    You're doing so many lovely and interesting things this summer ... so glad you share it here in such fine, fun and entertaining style!


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