Friday, February 17, 2017

Ellen WIlkinson holds her first Town Hall

Ellen Wilkinson, fiery orator and politician, whom you met here revisited us to hold a Town Hall on this Presidents' Day weekend, to meet her constituents and hear their take on what she should do when she's reincarnated into US politics.  Modeling the behavior we hope for from our Republican members. And remembering that Abe himself was a Republican.

Here she is in her transporter, courtesy of a Minnesota fan, with her clipboard ready for action.

Light refreshments were served, and Constituent Stefi acted as hostess for the event, pointing out that this was real constituent service, coming right to the house to hold the meeting.  A kitchen cabinet you might say.  You will note the pussyhat pin in action here, too.

So, while Ellen delegated note taking to her advance woman, chauffeur and admin assistant, also knitting staff,  Boud, Ellen's constituent spox (Washington speak) set forth the agenda for Ellen's first four weeks in office, give or take a day.

First she will become our first female President.  Then she will outlaw all gun ownership. College tuition at public colleges will be taxpayer paid.  She will bid farewell to Pence, Ryan, and other people currently in the White House and environs.  She will recommend the abolition of the Electoral College.  This is an ambitious agenda, but she is undaunted, though small.  

To quote the Bard:  And though she be but little, she is fierce!

and, business concluded at the Town Hall, she waved goodbye to her audience, even if they didn't vote for her, she's there for all of them, and sped on to her next meeting, dictating more notes and thoughts to Boud who also had to drive.  Boud is also beginning to see what it takes to be around a real politician.  It's all go.


  1. I'm sure Ellen is a much better president than the buffoon currently holding the position. Go Ellen!!!

  2. Thoug she be little, she be fierce--reminds me of Mother Jones of the coal mining wars!

  3. Amen to Magpie's statement above!


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