Saturday, May 22, 2010

Journal updates fyi

We have two journals in circulation

Treasure Everywhere



and they have both managed to fetch up in Calgary together, but will proceed early next week to Mississauga, and one of them will go out fairly quickly to Wisconsin, but our Miss. participant is taking pity on the Wisconsin lady, and holding off a little bit on the second one so you don't get them both falling on you at once, having probably thought about an entry for one at a time!

Do remember, though, that you can create a page and then just glue it in when the journal arrives, or write your entry and rewrite if you like in the journal, or create a drawing or whatever you're up for, and add it in when the journal gets to you. or if you have afterthoughts, ship them to me to insert when the journals finally get back to me. It's all good, as the cliche has it...

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  1. I'm happy to report that they're safely on their way to Ontario.


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