Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Little House in the Big Woods...

I don't usually follow myself in here so soon, but this I couldn't resist, in view of my reading A.S.Byatt, complete with fairy stories, children's books of the period, etc. I went out walking out back to get out of the way of the house cleaning team, and found outside our gate this dear little house, evidently the handiwork of the two little girls who live nearest to it, the owners of Tigger the orange cat who visits me now and then.

I just thought I'd show it to you, in the context of the big trees,

and then a real estate closeup.

Desirable residence for elves, fairies, piskies, pixies, whoever has the down payment...anyone less likely than me to be interested in fairy houses, elves, etc., than I it's hard to imagine. A.S. Byatt has something to answer for...


  1. That wee house is too cute. I hope it isn't nicked before it does the job its rightful owners have placed it there to do.


  2. oh, that is charming! i can hear the fairies snoring softly. loved clicking on the close up for a closer up!


  3. Looks like there's a nest in that little house. Cherming.

  4. Meant to say "charming"...or you could read it as a toffee nosed accent!


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