Sunday, May 31, 2009

One Iris, Spring Everywhere

The title is a misquotation from an old Zen master, who said one flower blooming is spring everywhere. No need to abundance, just the token flower will do it. And sometimes that's what I have to hang on to.

The iris in the picture was a gift from a friend clearing up an old garden. She assured me it was a gladiolus, and that her sister said it was an iris but she was sure the sister was wrong! either way, it's beautiful, and very welcome. I have three little clumps of these which will spread and help with the plantings out front. The more perennials get happy there the easier is the gardening if you're not into spending hours and hours on it, as I am not. I like to have gardened, is about how it goes for me.

Technology almost finished me off this weekend, what with losing an entire picture collection on a flash drive when I tried to add to it, I have no idea what happened, and most of the pix still exist in another location anyway, but it was certainly annoying. And now I have lost all the separate titles for the pix, and every one in the collection is now named "complete collection" I hope that what we get in this entry is what I meant to put there. Otherwise it will be a puzzling little read.

Then I installed an external CD drive on the new netbook, and then installed the camera software, bloated with pride over this achievement, and I love, in case anyone's wondering, the ASUS EEE PC, but I seem not to be able to maneuver the picture software the way I could on the old slow Dell.

It insists on transferring the entire collection instead of the latest pix. There has to be a way around this, and it's just ignoring my commands to use only the newest group, open them in their own collection, etc., and HS offered to help, but this is a nice day for him to go to the shore, and I insisted he go, after peppering him with emails in varying tones of despair and exasperation!

I keep remembering this is supposed to be FUN, that it should ADD to my life, not shorten it....I have to keep on running out to look at the iris to remember that.

But anyone who follows Yarn Harlot's blog will know that my woes are as nothing to the woes of someone who tried to register a big knitterly convention on a giant new server, which crashed when 30,000 that is not a typo, knitters attempted to register all at once....her anguish was matched by theirs in full measure. At least I don't have 30,000 angry people around here! talk about drowning in your own success.

My success would barely fill a teaspoon at the moment, so drowning is not a likely fate. Unless I apply it to the hardware....nah, we'll fix this sooner or later.

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  1. Creaking to the post office
    on my rusty bike
    I saw one purple iris
    wild in the wet green
    of the rice field.
    I wanted to send it to you.
    I can only tell you
    it was there.

    Maura O'Halloran



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