Tuesday, December 2, 2008

And if food is the music of the kitchen!

Yesterday was the first of the month, so I wish you all White Rabbits. No idea why people say this, they just do.

And on the subject of food: Adventures with Wonton Wrappers.....which I finally discovered after everyone else on the planet knew all about their various uses.

We have a terrific local Asian foodmarket, with helpful workers none of whom have much English, but a lot of willing. And it took four of them to translate my need for wonton wrappers into Chinese and then to the one person who knew where they were but had a hard time explaining it to me. I must say I could not have directed her in Mandarin, so I'm not arguing with her! suffice it to say that after a while I did find them.

And learned to make my own potstickers. I made quite a lot the first time, because it was fun to do and I'd made too much filling (stirfried fresh ginger, garlic, onions, various small veggies) and had to use it up. But there were NO leftovers, which encouraged me to continue....which I did.

Next came Tiny Little Pies. Two wrappers, filled with Granny Smith apple, cooked down with cinnamon, lemon, brown sugar, baked in a hot oven for a few minutes. Wrappers are sealed together with an eggwash, that way they don't open in midbake. Little slits in the top just like grownup pies. Very good hot with a scoop of icecream, or cold with anything you like.

And finally, the Ravioli! ta-dahhhhhhh. Nice cheese mixture (actually like kreplach, but I know the kreplach joke, so don't!) with various cheeses and turmeric and pepper, wonton wrappers folded into halfmoons, sealed with the old eggwash and dropped into big pot of boiling water. They float quickly, but you cook them a couple of minutes more anyway. Then serve with a lovely homemade sauce of chunked tomatoes, tomato paste, garlic, onion, big chunk of homemade basil/parsley pesto.

very good stuff, and you make enough for two meals, because the nuked leftovers are at least as good as the first time around. So yay!

Here endeth the current Adventures with Wonton Wrappers. I have now finished the first package so we will have a few days off from WWs...

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  1. Oh, yummmm! Love the idea of the tiny little pies ... Now, I'm wondering if they could be frozen in the uncooked state for last minute holiday cooking! Also thinking of using the WWs for baby Nacadoches Meat Pies! You've got me goin' now, thankyouverymuch! ;-)

    Can't stand not being in on the joke so of course you know that now I'll be doing a search under "kreplach; joke".


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